Tips to combat graffiti vandalism upon your property

Graffiti and vandalism often go hand in hand. It is a problem that is found all over Australia and especially prevalent in our major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

Some Graffiti is of the creative type (whether legal or not) and can portray great beauty. Whilst other graffiti is just downright vandalism aimed at damaging property and making one’s ‘mark’ via tagging.

When it comes to graffiti we need to establish a plan that takes prevention into consideration and not just removing it each time it occurs. As they say “prevention is better than cure”.

Should I use anti-graffiti coatings?

The first most obvious thing to do is if your property is prone to graffiti is to have your surfaces coated with an anti-graffiti coating. There are two types of anti graffiti coatings:

Sacrificial Coating – A sacrificial anti-graffiti coating forms a clear-coat barrier over the surface being protected. If the surface is vandalised, the protective coating can be removed (in other words, sacrificed) using a high-pressure cleaner, taking the graffiti with it. Sacrificial coatings are great for sound barriers, building exteriors, bridges, tanks, and any other surfaces with ground-level access.

Permanent (or Non-Sacrificial) coating. Permanent anti-graffiti coatings are often more expensive than sacrificial coatings, but if used appropriately only have to be applied once. They work by creating a protective surface that spray paint cannot bond to. The graffiti is simply wiped off with a graffiti remover, leaving the graffiti coating and the surface it protects intact.

Using your building colour to deter graffiti

Presenting a big light coloured building wall in an urban area is basically saying “paint me!” and presenting the perfect canvas for a graffiti ‘artist’ to start work on. You should try to stick to darker colours on your outer walls that can’t easily be painted upon. Also adding textured design elements to your outer walls like wooden slats or corrugated iron might also be a way to help with deterrence.

Hire a professional street artist

Undecorated surfaces are the most tempting for graffiti artists and vandals – so if your property can get away with some street art then you should approach an experienced, professional graffiti artist or painter to come and do your walls. This means that you are getting artwork that you actually approve of and that is visually appealing, as well as taking up any tempting blank space.

Install security cameras that can be well seen

If you have security cameras installed on the outside walls of your property and they can be well visually seen it is less likely that graffiti vandals will do the deed if they are likely to be caught on camera. Security cameras are inexpensive to purchase and a worthwhile deterrence.

Graffiti removal services

If you’re currently facing a graffiti problem and need help with removal our experienced Graffiti Pro team are ready to assist! We can also help with advice to help prevent reoccurrence – Give us a call today.