Stainless Steel Cleaning

We also provide a service bringing metal products back to the "as new" condition.

Graffiti Pros Stainless Steel Polish is a specially formulated polish, designed to rejuvenate polished surfaces leaving surfaces looking like new! 

We can Remove surface rust and rust stains with ease! eg rust from stainless steel, chrome and alloys. stains from most surfaces including tiles, bath-tubs and bbq's

The products we use contain Surface Active Technology, providing microbial protection against the growth of harmful bacteria and mould for up to two weeks in areas of limited contact.                

A common application is on high rise apartment buildings near the ocean that get rust showing on the metal exterior fittings and balustrades.

Other Applications

  • Boats
  • Taps / Faucets
  • BBQ / Oven's
  • Elevators
  • Coffee Machines
  • Car interiors
  • Balustrades
  • White goods
  • Machine cabinets   
  • Bench tops (including food areas)
  • Alloy mag wheels       
  • Any metals affected by ocean / salty weather

And other stainless surfaces for a bacteria free and shining rejuvenated surface!