Pressure Cleaning & Mould Removal

Mould Removal & Pressure Cleaning in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Fraser Coast and Adelaide

Our high pressure cleaning isn’t like your average service! We use chemicals that clean external surfaces affected by environmental deterioration, such as water, mould, fungus, moss and discolouration, returning the surface to its original condition. These chemicals have a residual effect and will continue to protect the surface for up to 12 months after one application. This product will kill (not just bleach) mould spores, preventing fungus from returning.

Furthermore, our pressure cleaning chemicals are chlorine and bleach free, single part chemicals with hospital grade disinfecting qualities. This product can be used on any surface and is environmentally friendly and biodegradable with naturally occurring ingredients.

For more information on the formulas and methods we use to remove mould, please feel free to contact us on 1300 685 816.