Graffiti Removal

About Our Graffiti Removal Services in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne

Here at Graffiti Pro we specialise in safe, fast responsive and effective graffiti removal services.

We use chemicals that can remove the graffiti without damaging the surface underneath. .


We have cleaned graffiti from all types of businesses and on all different surfaces such as: schools, child care centres, medical centres, houses, factories, trains (including locomotives and wagons) buses and trucks.

Some graffiti removers can remove the graffiti but they also permanently damage the surface underneath which then requires costly repairs. Sometimes the damage can be beyond repair, e.g. sandstone walls,

The products that we use for the removal of graffiti are designed to treat all types of surfaces and types of graffiti tagging. These removers have incorporated an exclusive formulation known as Surface Active Technology (S.A.T.) Surface Active Technology is a breakthrough technology formulated to remove deep stains from most substrates that have previously thought to have been permanent, without the need to use aggressive chemical bases such as caustic soda or flammable solvents.

More than just graffiti cleaning services

Our business doesn’t just stop at graffiti removal services. We can offer you at total management system if required. This may include an area manager reporting any graffiti and taking pictures of all tags and murals, with all information put into a monthly report detailing time and exactly where the graffiti was spotted and removed.

A lot of customers really love to deal with Graffiti Pro not only for our great service but because we remove the graffiti right the first time. Quite often we have to remove graffiti that other companies couldn’t remove and then we have to repair the damage that was caused by the former contractors. We are capable of removing the graffiti or tag without damaging the surface underneath.

We have teams ready to deliver graffiti cleaning services in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Fraser Coast and Adelaide.

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