Graffiti Removal as part of property maintenance in schools

It’s a somber feeling when parents and teachers walk into a school and see graffiti plastered over building walls, within toilet blocks and on classroom walls.

Sometimes it is a budget issue that leaves graffiti in these places for longer than it should, though the cost of maintaining school property can be controlled and financed through a well-thought out preventative maintenance plan. Budgeting for periodic paint spills, and vandalism, often in the form of graffiti, will assist a school to be able to respond swiftly without budget difficulty.

The most appropriate action is for schools to manage both preventative and reactive maintenance when it comes to graffiti, to provide a clean and constructive educational setting for students, and maintain a presentable image for parents of current and prospective students.

Regular tasks

On a regular basis as set out in the preventative maintenance plan the following tasks should be completed:

  • Graffiti removal, anti graffiti coating and repainting if needed
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Paint spill removal
  • Removal of chewing gum and other ad-hoc stains which cannot be removed through general cleaning

Areas for ongoing inspection

Kids will be kids and no matter how well we educate them, there will always be a number of spills and accidents that result in property damage and staining, particularly in art and science classes. Although it would be great, it’s not possible to know when the next spillage of paint, oil or chemicals may occur. Such spills can create a slippery risk that disturbs the class.

Toilets, Fencing and Building Walls
Graffiti is another unpredictable and reactive maintenance task. This must be acted upon swiftly, to prevent reputation damage and reduce the occurrence of further graffiti vandalism. Toilet blocks, fencing, and building walls are always at risk. Schools are regularly targeted by graffiti vandals, due to the low-volume of inhabitants at night, on weekends and during holidays. Toilet blocks can even be targeted by students during the quiet of class time. Installing anti-graffiti coatings on walls, fences, doors and windows will reduce the cost of graffiti removal in future.

Where to next?

Schools require a number of preventative and reactive maintenance when it comes to Graffiti, stains and spillages. You want to project the best image of the school to the community and retain the integrity of the property. Graffiti Pro can provide services to schools across Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne. Contact us to arrange an inspection of your school and discuss your service requirements.