Environmentally Safe Chemical

Graffiti Pro products eliminate the need to trade off between a products effectiveness and safety/environmental features. The Graffiti Pro range of graffiti removal products tick all the boxes.

  • Non Flammable
  • pH neutral
  • Non aerosol (no propellants)
  • Water soluble
  • Sweet light citrus odour
  • No Phosphates
  • Non Toxic
  • Non Polluting
  • Low Volatile Organic Compounds (voc) - safe for use in confined areas
  • Conforms to United Nations AGENDA 21 to protecting the ozone.
  • Water Deactivated (except Professional Edition)
  • Biodegradable

Recycled Water

All of our trucks are carrying recycled water from rain water tanks at our offices. As we know the importance of water conservation in the modern day.