Our graffiti protection coating is a semi sacrificial surface anti-graffiti protection, making it easy to remove graffiti and suitable for all surface types (excluding glass). The coating is a surface penetrating coating that protects a surface against graffiti, mould and it reduces environmental effects on the substrate.

Furthermore, it is UV resistant i.e. it will not breakdown from exposure to the sun and requires no mixing. Our protection coating will not leave a glossy finish and allows the surface to breathe. It can be painted over with no detrimental effects (i.e. the paint will not peel).

Graffiti Pro’s anti graffiti coatings are a type of paint which is resistant to the chemicals used in the graffiti removal process, this means that graffiti can be effectively removed while leaving the surface below clean and undamaged.

Our products are tough, hardy and resistant to a variety of chemicals. When a surface is protected with this type of anti graffiti paint, the surface remains in perfect condition after graffiti has been removed.

The anti graffiti coating is available in a whole variety of colours to suit just about every requirement. It is also available in a clear coating which is an efficient form of protection for areas such as colorbond fences and roller doors and for protecting professional artwork and murals

How it works

This Protection coating works by blocking the pores of the surface, the pores of a graffiti surface is what causes the ‘shadow’ effect. This protection allows the graffiti to be removed with no harm to the protected substrate below.


Architects often specify our Anti Graffiti protective coatings on new building projects and renovations eg. car parks, tunnels, Stadiums, Exterior walls of buildings. This coating will not only help with the easy removal of graffiti but also dirt and dust that may stick to the walls eg: car exhaust fumes.

If you have a wall that is nicely painted surrounding your home this coating would be ideal. Any graffiti or Tags that occur will be easily removed without damaging the paint surface underneath. No Shadows.

Sandstone walls are a great example, as sandstone is a very porous material graffiti absorbs into the stone very easily. Our graffiti protective coating stops the paint from entering therefore allowing for a much easier removal of unsightly graffiti without damaging the surface and without leaving shadows.

The coating can also be used to protect future damage to legal graffiti murals from tagging and environmental hazards.