Graffiti Pro is the No. 1 Graffiti Removal Company in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne & Perth

Graffiti Pro is Australia’s leading expert in graffiti removal and mould removal. We provide services commercial, industrial and residential clients. We serve all suburbs and inner country areas across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Fraser Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane with prompt, professional graffiti removal services usings the latest state of the art equipment and environmentally friendly products.
All our technicians are highly trained, and recognise that different surfaces, and different graffiti, requires different remediation technique and that there isn’t one method that fits all. No job is too large or too small. Contact us today!

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We are continually removing graffiti from places that had previously thought to be permanent marks. Call 0402 443 841 now to discuss your graffiti removal needs, and let us show you what we can do.

Why Choose Graffiti Pro?

We can remove graffiti
quickly and safely

We can remove mould and
prevent it from returning for
up to 12 months

Fast & responsive -
a 24 hour hotline is available

A 24 hour response unit is
also available for any

Protected by a $20 million
dollar public liability policy

All technicians are fully
licensed and trained in the
use of the products, as well
as OH&S

Over 15 years combined
experience in graffiti
removal and related

We can safely remove
mould without the need for
high pressure

The products that we use for the removal of graffiti are designed to treat all types of surfaces and types of graffiti tagging. These removers have incorporated an exclusive formulation known as Surface Active Technology (S.A.T.). Surface Active Technology is a breakthrough technology formulated to remove deep stains from most substrates that have previously thought to have been permanent, without the need to use aggressive chemical bases such as caustic soda or flammable solvents. Our chemicals are environmentally sustainable and bio–degradable, therefore can go into storm water systems having no effect on our environment. Our mould removal products are actually a hospital grade disinfectant therefore can be used indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor Mould: Is it almost as bad as Graffiti?

As we all know most graffiti looks terrible and degrades the value of the neighbourhood. But what about outdoor mould? How does it affect your property, both physically and cosmetically? Does outdoor mould affect property value? Often we are faced with mould inside our house. But what about when the mould is outside? High concentrations

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